Sunday, May 5, 2013

Filling In, in 5th Grade!


Shortly before Christmas 2012, I found myself job searching.  It seemed meant to be that although my mentor and teaching inspiration, Mr. Smith, had tragically and unexpectedly passed just a month prior, the district that he had been serving as Superintendent was hiring for the remainder of the year--JUST what I needed! It seemed his "leadership" had placed the open positions there just for me to pick up. 

Hot Stuff!

And so, I find myself in a 5th grade long term subbing position in a very challenging classroom.  We have recently celebrated our "Hot" Test Scores with a "Hot Stuff Buffet" inspired by my friend, Erin, over on her blog Superheros and Sundresses

Students chose from many spicy snacks and were happy to spice up their day with the celebration!

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