Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Kid President and 1,000 views, OH MY!

Wow!  I can't believe what my stats are telling me: this blog is a little over 100 visitors away from 1,000 views!  As a person who simply wants to share what I feel passionately about, and those things that I believe will enhance the teaching of others, this is truly encouraging!  If you have stopped by once or twice, please share with others and leave me some glows or grows below!  I am working on my next post this weekend, and looking forward in the near future to providing some video examples and freebies.  I don't intend on anything to end up costing my readers anything :) My purpose is to serve all teachers from Pre-K-5th (and even some beyond) with information that is meaningful and practical.

Until my next post, where I will say things to hopefully inspire small changes in your teaching, watching this amazingly awesome Kid President video that asks the question of teachers and students "What are you teaching the world?".

Let me know your thoughts below, because I think few other people could drive the point home like he does. Are you as inspired as I am?

God Bless and Keep Reading and Sharing,


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